To bless and honor handicapped, disadvantaged, or hurting children and adults by providing first class hunting or outdoor adventures in a Christian ranch environment.

Welcome to the All Things Outdoors Blog!

Welcome you to the All Things Outdoors Blog. We will use this blog to keep you updated on our latest ministry outings with children and adults. Please check back often!

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  • Bo and Angela I just returned from the Triple Cross Ranch where I had the awesome privilege of hosting Denny Joyner and his son Paul on a trophy whitetail deer hunt. What an incredible hunt! Denny and Paul were both able to bag deer on the first morning. You can see their trophies on the All Things Outdoors website. Denny is a true American Hero. He grew up in our hometown near Apollo, Pa. I can remember watching him play sports, even though he was 4 years older than me. I can also remember when he tramped on a land mine in Vietnam back in 1969. We were all saddened and a little shaken by that. But his life has been an inspiration to, not only those that know him, but also to those who have heard his story. Denny served his country not only on the battlefield, but also in a distinguished career in many Veterans positions. He served in many positions locally before moving into National service, including DAV National Commander. We heard many fascinating stories between hunts. Denny has personally met 3 Presidents and was appointed by Pres Reagan as the disabled American of the year in 1977. What a privilege to be able to honor he and his son this past weekend. Thank you Denny Joyner for your service to our great country. And congratulations on a deer of a lifetime!! Congrats to you, too, Paul. “Golfball” is going to look great on your wall. I challenge others to honor a Vet with a trip to Triple Cross Ranch. Contact Bo or one of the other Board members to find out how you can designate a fundraiser to provide a hunt in 2010 for a special Vet in your life. Jim Allera, Board Member and Friend of All Things Outdoors

  • Bo,

    Cody and I had an awesome time at the Triple Cross this past weekend, what a magnificient place! It is truly a gift from God and I am so excited to spread the word about what God is doing with All Things Outdoors. I look forward to helping out ATO in every way possible and can’t wait to see God’s blessings for 2010. Thank You so much for sharing this with Cody and I.

    Sincerely & God Bless,

    Jason McCormick

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