To bless and honor handicapped, disadvantaged, or hurting children and adults by providing first class hunting or outdoor adventures in a Christian ranch environment.

November Praise and Prayer Report

Hello friends of All Things Outdoors,

I would like to share with you some of the awesome things that have been going on with ATO, but lets start with the best news first;



I don’t know how you feel today or even what your circumstances are. I do know if we will believe and stand firm in the above foundational truths we can change our personal enviroment and those that encounter our enviroment will be affected as well. We must choose this daily, sometimes hourly, so His original plan will prevail: We were made by Him and for Him, to walk with Him in a relational way so that all that we do points to HIM !!!!! Lets never make this about us or ATO, rather lets costantly remind ourselves that without relationship there is no ministry of any kind including church, sunday school, homegroup, bible study, etc. I just want to encourage you to keep your main priority, your relationship with HIM. We don’t like old hard bread or stale chips, we like it fresh and we make sure that we have it that way. Make sure you keep your relationship with GOD fresh, it will take some effort in our fast paced lives. God’s kingdom plans will move forward regardless of how we feel today or what our circumstances are or seem to be, lets not allow the evil one to steal, kill or destroy because HE WHO CREATES FROM THE DUST OF THE EARTH REIGNS SUPREME !!!!!!!

Well, October hunts have been eventful and exciting. Our first hunt with our Vietnam Veteran Gary Held and his son Josh ended with no deer taken with archery equipment. I’m not going to throw them under the bus, so I won’t tell you who missed or how many times they missed but I will tell you that God had a plan. We had a great weekend but the frustration and disappointment of the misses had changed the mood of the weekend. I just asked the Lord, God I know this weekend was not about frustation and disappointment, so what would You like me to do or say? He said I want you to ask them back for a second chance. Wow, I would have never thought of a hunt being so unsuccesful just so God could say I love you so much I want to give you another chance. I’m sure we can all remember the times God has picked us up and said now, go try it again. So I will have to fill you in later on (as Paul Harvey says) THE REST OF THE STORY!!!

Our second hunt was with Brandon Walker, a 15 year old young man that on September 1st, 2008 was diagnosed with a brain tumor. After removing the tumor and a year of chemo, Brandon at this time is cancer FREE !!!!!!!! Praise God !!!!! Please pray for Brandon and family as God leads. The last years events didn’t change Brandons ability to place a perfect shot on a beautiful 11 point buck scoring 153″. Brandons dad, Brian, stepbrother, Colton and ranch owner Richard Harbin were there when we recovered the deer, that was a special moment for all of us. God showed up in a big way, the seeds planted will bear fruit now and I’m sure in future seasons in Brandons life. Thank you Lord for including us in Your Kingdom stuff ………………

Brodie Sharp was our blessing on our third hunt. His dad Lynn and good friend Eric Owings were also there to enjoy Gods Great Outdoors. Brodie’s cerebral palsy nor his wheelchair keep him from engaging life with a huge heart and gentle spirit. Brodie was so excited I had a hard time keeping him quiet in the blind so the joke for the weekend was I threatened to put a sock in Brodie’s mouth if he didn’t quit talking and if he didn’t listen to me it was going to be a dirty one……..I think I will send him a dirty sock for Christmas. Brodies deer story is another one of second chances. Our first crack at the buck was at 50 yards, a clean miss. Brodie says it wasn’t buck fever, it just a warning shot. An hour later the buck follows a doe to within 30 yards of our blind and this deer will soon be a fixture on Brodie’s bedroom wall. I think God may be saying something to us about second chances……….coincidence or God, I will always choose the latter. The weekend was full of blessings and true to our call, Giving Our Best because GOD GAVE HIS BEST FOR US. Brodie’s buck had 9 points and scored 148 6/8 inches.

Thank you all for your faithfullness first to Christ and your mighty and powerful prayers for ATO.

God our desire is that your kingdom be advanced and Jesus be made famous in our personal lives and through ATO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keep praying for the right hunters; God has revealed a 29 year old woman with cancer through Andy Bishop a man I met through Brigid O’donghue, he was going to take her to shoot a doe somewhere. Now she is coming to Texas to shoot a trophy buck. We are working on a date.

Another is a 37 year old man from Colorado that has inoperable brain cancer. Brad Cusenbary will join us this month and the hunt will be filmed by Jay Presti, host of Blue Collar Adventures. Brad is the brother of Jay’s girlfriend Lee Ann. Please pray for Brad and wife Laura, also that he feel good so he can really enjoy his hunt.

I have been asking God to reveal someone local from the Stephenville area, which is the town nearest the ranch. As I am writing this email, Tinker, the head guide for The Triple Cross Ranch for the previous 8 or so years, calls and tells me of Peter Dejong a 13 year old local boy with cerebral palsy that he would love to bring out. Tinker tells me stories of taking Peter’s two older brothers on various hunts but until now Peter has not got his hunt. Tears fill my eyes as I am in awe of Gods goodness and faithfulness to us.

Douglas Barksdale a 19 year old young man from Weatherford will hunt the last weekend of November. He is mentally challenged, with his speech being his biggest disability but believe me when I tell you he is full of joy and will crack you up with his personality. Douglas’ dad has emphysema and his outlook is not good. What all does God have here?

Looks like we are going to take Brett Wolfe a veteran of the Iraq war who lost both legs above the knees. In talking with Kelly, Brett’s wife, I found out that Brett’s best friend, Daniel Alderman also returned home with one amputated leg. How cool is it going to be for two best friends to enjoy all God has for them on a hunt with ATO. YEEHAW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish God would loan me Kyle Ogle for this hunt, we would be short a few arms and legs but Kyles spirit would set the stage. Pray that God would allow that same spirit that Kyle exemplified be present that weekend.

Another man named Daryl Bayer will be hunting with us soon. Daryl was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer a while back. He is one of the few to beat this type of cancer. On a check up visit several months later they found cancer in his lungs that is inoperable. The doctors say he has six months so pray for Daryl and family.

We also have been given an exotic doe hunt by Scott and Kim Bradshaw. Scott is involved in many ways with ATO and is part of our leadership in Legacy Outfitters, a Christain mens organization that I lead our local chapter. You may say, an exotic doe hunt, whats the big deal. Well the deal is, it is at Ted Nugent’s ranch in Texas and the hunt will be filmed with Ted and will air on his tv show The Spirit of the Wild!!!!!!! What is God up to now?????? Scott bought this hunt at a Legacy Game Dinner and He and Kim donated the hunt to ATO even though they have two sons of thier own. It goes without saying, they support what God is doing thru ATO.

Keep praying saints for these hunters, personally and their families and that Gods desires be accomplished during the hunts and after.

I am also learning about some adaptive equipment for the handicapped hunters we are going to need. Gun rests, special scopes, trigger mechanisms, etc.

We need 2 trailers with ramps to build handicapped blinds on. We can then move these blinds around the ranch where we need them and use the ramp to push the wheelchairs up in the blind.

Pray that the scheduling of these hunts all go according to Gods agenda. With treatments, travel and other obstacles this can seem difficult.

Pray for Lonnie and Bryant Dyer who are a big part of the story God has included in my journey. The only hunt I will guide this year, outside of ATO, will be Lonnie and Bryant Nov. 20 – 23 on a ranch in Throckmorton TX. which I believe will be a part of ATO in the future. God will work all of that out thank goodness. Lonnie has had some heart issues lately so pray for him.

We are discussing fundraisers for 2010, pray God give us clear vision on how these look, who needs to be involved, locations for events etc. we just need a vision from him. Eric Owings saw a game dinner with families, lots of families, laughing and having a great time……….sounds like God stuff to me. PLEASE PRAY !!!!!

I will also will be getting ordained in the near future by New River Fellowship, the church we are attending now. I do believe this is what God wants, its not about me. New River also supports us and is excited about what God has in store for ATO.

ATO was given a word several months ago by a friend of Jim and Jeanne Allera’s, John Prittikan; WHERE GOD POINTS HE WILL PROVIDE !!!!!!!!!

Recently Eric Owings ask me what our priorities were; trailers, blinds, guns, etc or finances? So all I new to do was ask God this question. What I heard was this; Bo you focus on trailers, blinds, adaptive equipment for the handicapped, deer feeders, scout your stands so you are prepared when hunters come, a clean lodge, good food, love on them, serve them well and I (GOD) will supply all your needs.

This is what I’m hearing: Be very diligent and steadfast in all that He ask us to do. That is everything from fundraisers to sweeping the floor at the cabin, if we will stay humble and serve others with everything HE has put in us, WE CAN TRUST HIM TO PROVIDE ALL ATO’s NEEDS !!!!!!





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