To bless and honor handicapped, disadvantaged, or hurting children and adults by providing first class hunting or outdoor adventures in a Christian ranch environment.

February Praise and Prayer Report

Greetings Everyone,

       Its a miracle !!!!!!!  No, I’m not kidding, its a miracle.  My computer, that until about a year ago I didn’t even care to turn it on, much less surf the internet, email or forward and reply to them, go in and manage a website and many other tasks I have learned in this new relationship, is trying to crash.  For days now every time I checked it, it gave me a black screen with a bunch of gibberish that looked like Greek and Hebrew all mixed together, I thought I would need an interpreter, I guess they are called geeks in the computer world.  I have been on the phone getting in touch with a couple of computer guys.   I walked in the door before lunch I moved the mouse to see what happened, the black screen appeared.  I began to pray speaking to God about how I needed to check emails and get out the February Praise and Prayer report.  Guess what, for the first time in several days the green start icon that you click on to start up the computer appeared.  I have checked emails and its obvious what I’m doing now!  Miracle……….God’s specialty is restoring people and a computer every now and then (if we will ask).

     As usual I am amazed that God allows us to take part in His kingdom plans.  Most recently I have been asked to do a devotional on Sunday mornings at the ASA archery shoots in our area.  The ASA has 3-D tournaments at the state and national level, with about 180 shooters this past Sunday in Ft. Worth.  This past Sunday was the first of about 8 or 10 shoots between now and July.  There was maybe 20 or 25 in the church group but with microphone in hand I kind of had a captive audience as everyone else was 30 feet away in the line to sign up to shoot.  Pray for me as I share God’s goodness and also introduce ATO to many people.  

    As I began to prepare for Sunday God took me to John 3:16, so I ask what specifically I was to focus on.  He revealed to me it was to be the last two words of this scripture ETERNAL LIFE.  God what would you have me share about eternal life?  God’s word is so awesome, it never contradicts itself and every question we have, the answer is somewhere between Genesis and Revelation.  He then directed me to John 17:2&3. “For you granted Him authority over all people that He might give eternal life to all those you have given Him.  NOW THIS IS ETERNAL LIFE; THAT THEY MAY KNOW YOU, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent”.  Now I know I may be preaching to the choir here and maybe you have heard a sermon on this before, but I think there is something here that can affect our spiritual mindset forever.  Everthing from Genesis 1:1 to Revelation 22:21  is about God seeking relationship with His creation.  Ya there are wars, famine, death, evil men, sinful man, men that loved God and still failed, but it all points to one thing RELATIONSHIP with our God.  Our present tribulations and the ones that are still to come all do the same. They lead us to a jealous God that loves us so much and desires a relationship with His creation that He wouldn’t even spare His own Son’s life to abandon us.  Brothers and sisters, it doesn’t say, for God so loved His christain church denominations, home groups, book reading, conference attending, (I’m going to stop before I get in trouble) no it says for God so loved the world !!!!!!!  God desires that relationship with us but much to our dismay He desires it with the undesirable, the murderer, the thief, the liar, the lazy, the prostitute and whoever we may consider beyond the mercy and grace of God.  No, there is no one that the arm of God can’t reach.  I believe God is saying this; if everything we encounter in our journey as christians,  we can understand that there is one main purpose to God’s kingdom plan, its about a relationship with the world, christian and non-christian (not christians yet).  God’s obligation is not just to those of us that have recieved His provision that gives eternal life, but the death of Jesus would be in vain if He is not equally obligated to the rest of His creation. Some will join the kingdom and some will not but His desire is JOHN 3:16, until the end of time, which God will also decide.  If we as christains will ask Father to reveal to us this love that is so deep and so wide that it encompasses not only us but the lost world, we will forever be changed.  I pray as He is molding me and teaching me, you also will allow God to increase your vision of His kingdom purposes because it will exalt Jesus and Glorify our God.    ( I wonder how many sermons there are in John 3:16 or maybe I should say how much revelation is there) 

   Our first hunt in January was a with Denny Joyner and his son Paul.  This is one of the hunts that board member Jim and Jeanne Allera had the fundraiser in Pennsylvania for this past summer.  Jim came down to the Triple Cross as the host for this hunt.  We missed Jack Dykes as he was also to co-host the hunt, but a knee replacement surgery a week before the hunt kept Jack in Pa.  Pray for a 100% recovery for Jack as he is making progress daily.  Denny is a triple amputee from the vietnam war that returned home and continued to serve his country as commander-in-chief of the DAV and was named the Disabled Veteran of the Year by President Ronald Reagan.  We were blessed to be able to honor Denny for his service to our country, as many of you remember, the vietnam vets were not honored as our vets are today.  As normal God showed up and created a weekend full of memories from big Texas bucks to relationships that will never fade. How God can allow a used car salesman from PA. and a hunting guide from TX. to be a part of kingdom stuff is still amazing to me, (shows me God knows how to think outside the box).  Camp life was a blast as usual, lots of poking fun at each other, football games, lots of mama Finley’s and Jim’s cookin, Jacob, my 14 yr.old son, getting lessons from Denny on how to steer a wheelchair and some rather intense times as Denny would share his stories of his 32 day experience in vietnam, before and after the land mine explosion.  I hunted with Denny as we harvested a great 14 point buck and Jacob guided Paul and they harvested a huge deer that has eluded hunters at the Triple Cross for a couple of years now, known as GOLFBALL.  He aquired that name a couple of years ago when he grew a ball about the size of a golfball on the end of one of his horns. The bucks we harvested within seconds of each other and we were hunting several hundred yards apart.  Denny’s shot made Paul’s deer nervous and Paul didn’t mess around downing his deer within 30 or 45 seconds after Denny’s shot.  What a blessing and a memory for them both and all of us as well.  Jim recieved a call from Denny  a few days after he had returned home. Denny was excited to tell Jim that he had prayed for an answer to a family issue while at the Triple Cross and the prayer was answered and resolved now.  I think when Jesus said the Holy Spirit would come and be a counselor and a comforter He was serious………HALLELUJAH 

   The next hunt was with Tony Hazel who works with Scott Bradshaw. Scott and wife Kim are true friends and supporters of ATO. Tony is only 49 yr. old but he was diagnosed a few years ago with parkinson’s.  The disease is fairly advanced for a man of Tony’s age but as so many of the people God allows us to meet, Tony has a great attitude about life and has not let this disability hold him back or slow him down.  Tony did not harvest a deer but saw more bucks in three days than he has the past several seasons combined.  He was so appreciative of our time together and mentioned that the experience and the new friendships were awesome.  I feel God wants to grow our relationship so I will be getting Tony back out for some hunting or maybe just to help paint a deer blind or something.  Pray for Tony as he has a good heart but has never been around a christian environment like he was for three days with Scott and I.  He was very thankful to me as I prayed for his parkinson’s during our prayer before breakfast.  I got the feeling that no one has ever prayed with him about that before.  A little water, pull a few weeds, fertilize and water some more and I see a kingdom harvest, pray and believe with me.

   Here are a few updates;  Kevin Nowlin donated the material and we built a trailer that I have already built a blind on, so we now have a mobile handicap blind that we needed.  Jim Clark, a man I met years ago guiding turkey hunts, God has reconnected us thru Eric Owings and he has a couple of ranches  that are willing for us to bring someone turkey hunting.  Also ATO supporter, Jack Dykes from PA. has offered to donate a couple of guns to us.   

   Here are several prayer requests;   Pray for a couple hunters to finish off this deer season.  The dates for the hunt with Ted Nugent never worked out so pray that be resolved and be good for everyone.  Begin praying for spring turkey season, that we hear and see God’s agenda for it.  Still looking for a place for some hog hunts and exotic hunts.   Thru ATO supporter Con Matz from PA., Jim and I have been in contact with another ministy in Kerrville TX., The Way Outfitters, Roger Davenport, that is really similar to what we are doing, we are just trying to see what God has there. Maybe something together,  maybe we can learn from each other or maybe just prayer partners for each other, we really don’t know but want to allow God to open or close doors.  We are starting to plan for 2010 fundraising events, we must see and hear Gods agenda’s for which ones, where, when and how they look.  Our banquet will need lots of great raffle prizes so if you can, talk it up for donations or raffle items. This will be a family atmosphere so all items are welcome, they don’t have to be all hunting or fishing related.   We must continue to pray for the finances of ATO and be diligent to share our vision with others in order to give them an opportunity to join us.  If we seek God’s heart first these will all fall into place.   Please thank God for Richard and Myra Harbin, owners of the Triple Cross Ranch.  They have been so obedient to follow God with us, just ask God to continue to bless all their efforts and I assure you God’s agenda is first place in their hearts. 

    Personal prayers are as always that I see only God’s agenda and hear the Father’s voice clearly.  Pray for Jenna and Mark, my daughter and son-in-law as she is due in April with our first grandbaby, which is right in the middle of spring turkey season, I know God’s not freakin out about that either.   My other children are Jessica, age 22, Jordan age 19 and my son Jacob is 15 Feb. 4th. My wife is Angela,  I thank you for praying for us.   Pray for my heel and arch, its something like a fallen arch.  I have been to the doctor and I am taking an anti-inflammatory and stretching and icing it daily.   We are so thankful for everyone and ask Gods blessings and revelation to you all. 

   One last thing;   Our God cannot be anything but faithful.  In the begining, God spoke very clearly the vision for ATO.  The thing that He emphasized was to “create an environment and I will move among my people”.  Can I testify to you today that God has moved among His people thru ATO.  If we will remain humble and give Him our best, first place in our lives, He will continue to remain faithful to the vision for ATO that originated in His heart, then ours.  Please never waiver in giving thanks to Him who is worthy.

As always it is truely my pleasure to serve Him with you,

If you meet me and forget me, nothing is lost,

If you meet Jesus and forget Him, everything is lost.


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