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March Praise and Prayer Report

Greetings to everyone,

I would like to begin this months praise & prayer with a truth I shared with you a few months back and something I remind myself of daily:
God is still on His throne
Jesus is seated at His right hand
The Holy Spirit is doing well and on the job today
Kingdom plans have not changed and are right on track

Saints will you join me and remind yourself everyday that these are the truths we can always trust and hold on to when things around us seem to be so unstable and chaotic. We must move beyond our five senses we so often trust and embrace a larger vision that Jesus constantly called the KINGDOM. Brothers and sisters will you ask Father to expand our minds and hearts to see wider and deeper than we ever have before. If we will move beyond our denomination or religous mindset and begin to see from a kingdom perspective, it will transform how we respond to our daily trials and tribulations of the present times. Jesus referred to the kingdom 108 times according to my Strong’s Concordance. He was adamant about the kingdom and referred to it often in parables as He was teaching.

You may say o.k. Bo I see what your getting at but to think of this kingdom thing is just too big, I can’t wrap my mind or heart around it. Your right it is big, but let me remind you we serve a big God that has always made a way for man to participate in His big plans from the beginning and will to the end. I heard someone say one time, “how do you eat an elephant, one bite at a time”. It may take some time and determination but you could eat the elephant if you don’t focus on his size. David defeated Goliath because of a kingdom mindset, Goliath’s size was not an issue.

Jesus refers to the kingdom as a treasure in a field and a pearl of great value and the men who found these, joyfully went and sold all they had to purchase the field with the treasure and the pearl of great value. Now here is the tough question; have we sold out, abandond everything to seek this kingdom that God dwells in. If our hearts desire is to enjoy kingdom living God has a promise for us; Hebrews 11:6 says God is a rewarder of those who diligently / earnestly seek Him. The woman with the issue of blood pressed through the crowd to touch the garment of Jesus, they rebuked blind Bartimae’us so he cried out all the more to Jesus, they climbed on roofs to lower their friend to Jesus, am I and are you seeking the kingdom with that kind of persistance. If we want to enjoy kingdom living now we must ask ourselves are we seeking diligently and earnestly. If we are, we can enjoy the kingdom “ONE BITE AT A TIME”.

I was blessed to meet Brady Burchette at Birdwell Lube and Automotive in Weatherford, where I get my oil changed, the first week of March. Eight years ago Brady had a auto accident on the ice that left him paralized from the waist down. As I introduced myself and told Brady of ATO, he shared with me that he hasn’t been hunting since the accident. Brady’s eyes lit up when he ask if his son Tyler could come along. Tyler was only 2 years old at the time of the accident so he never had been hunting with his dad. A week or so later we were all enjoying another special time at the Triple Cross Ranch. Brady and Tyler experience something many of us have taken for granted, Brady havested a great deer with his son at his side. This was also Brady’s biggest buck ever. God said create the environment and He will bless His children and He has.

Next for March was a trip to Pennsylvania to share the blessings of the past year with all our PA friends, supporters and prayer warriors. Everyone was excited to see all the pictures and the dvd’s brought tears to the eyes of 6 or 7 grown men. Only God can pierce the heart of big tough guys like that. Keep praying for Jack Dykes as his knee is getting better but still has a ways to go. We were blessed to receive a 12 gauge shotgun and a 204 rifle along with some financial donations as well. Also pray for Tom Wagner, his daughter is getting married this summer and well, thats his baby girl, I’ve been there and its not that easy. It was a very productive trip as we cast more vision and Jim Allera and I made several new contacts. Thank you PA partners so much for your huge hearts and commitment to Christ and ATO, you make this Texas country boy feel right at home.

Our last trip was on March 1st, just a few days ago, thats why this report is a few days late. The trip to Ted Nugent’s, The Spirit Wild Ranch was well how would I put this………WILD. We were blessed to take Joe Washum to hunt an exotic doe with Ted. This was the hunt good friend and supporter of ATO, Scott Bradshaw purchased at a fundraising dinner and donated the hunt to ATO. Scott brought his two boys, Jobe and Pake, along to meet the old guitar player. It was quiet the experience for all involved. Joe Washum is one of our veteran hero’s from the war in Iraq. Joe was involved in a warehouse explosion that burned about 50 % of his body while losing two fellow soldiers in the explosion, which it is obvious thats ths hardest part for our veterans. It is so inspiring to hear Joe talk about his service to his country. He shared the emotions of anger and bitterness that came full circle to an attitude of service to those coming home that were in need of encouragement. To hear some of the what, why’s and where’s of this war from someone who has been there was very interesting and moving to say the least. I am honored to know Joe Washum. Joe harvested a fallow doe on this hunt, which is his first animal other than some dove and small game. Ted, Big Jim and Joe Bob were great hosts. We spent 5 or 6 hours with them and I was impressed as Ted blessed us with his time and humor as though we were old friends. Ted does use his platform in many ways for our gun and hunting rights whether you like his style or not. Ted loves his country and it is evident he loves our veterans. He also autographed some deer sheds that we will auction at the fundraiser banquet. Thanks to the Bradshaw family for this blessing. We will be taking Joe on his first turkey hunt soon.

We need your prayers for the fundraisers that are in the works. The PA bunch is going to raffle off some Steeler tickets and are thinking of something else to do. We are working on the plans for our banquet and we are also looking at a golf tournament. Just pray how you feel lead for wisdom and God’s favor as this is all new to most of us. Of course this is to raise money to support ATO but our hearts desire always is that Jesus be exalted and God be glorified in these events. Begin praying for the turkey hunts, that we create the environment and then get out of God’s way and watch Him love on His children. Pray for my daughter Jenna as she will have our first grandbaby in April. I have met a new taxidermist, Angelo Puma who is excited to join us with his skills. Angelo’s mom, Barbara needs your prayers as she has terminal cancer. Angelo and family know that God is with her here and will be their when its time to go to heaven, but its just tough going thru these times. Ask God to reveal to all of us how and what to pray because we must pray in agreement with His will or we pray in vain. Blessings to all and never forget, keep your relationship with Him firstplace in your life and then enjoy the KINGDOM JOURNEY.

It is always my pleasure to serve our Jesus with you,


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