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April Praise and Prayer Report

Greetings Everyone,

I would like to ask you to ponder on the words Promise, Possess and Process, what do they mean and how do they affect our journey we call christianity. The scripture reference I would like to visit are Exodus 3;7-8 and 16-17. Paraphrasing these verses, God said, I have seen my peoples misery, I have heard their cry, I am concerned about their sufferings, I promise to rescue/deliver them from the Egyptians to a good and spacious land flowing with milk and honey. Wow, that is the essence of God’s character, I see, I hear, I am concerned, I promise to deliver and I will also give you the best I have……….excuse me while I step outside to SHOUT and DANCE……….. o.k. I’m back. How awesome is it that me and you are serving that same God and His promises are for us just as they were for Moses and the Israelites. Now as christians we must believe those are foundational truths of God’s character, as He shows us in His word and as He reveals these in our own lives.

Now the next part to talk about is the word Possess. God does so much for us that much of it goes unnoticed or taken for granted in our busy lives. Even as much as God loves us He needs us to participate, do our part. God’s desire is that we possess all that He has created for us, physically and spiritually. God has given us many promises, as He did the Israelites, but they had to trust Him enough to go and POSSESS THE LAND !!!!!!!! God has much for each of us to possess, but am I and are you? We know the blessings and struggles in the wilderness for forty years, did all make the journey and possess God’s promise. No unfortunately stubborness, pride, fear and a host of fleshly things keep them and keeps us from possessing all God has for us. Never forget, God’s desire is that we POSSESS ALL THAT HE HAS PROMISED, so much that He gave the best He had, His son Jesus.

The Process is the part of this journey that we seldom see or understand very clearly until we look back on that portion of our journey. This is where the Israelites complained, felt sorry for themselves, blamed Moses and whatever else came to mind and wanted to return to the very place they cried for God to deliver them from….as we sniker at them I’m pretty sure they are getting the last laugh. There never has been nor never will be a formula for the process, its simply do you believe the PROMISES of GOD, do you want to POSSESS them and will you TRUST HIS PROCESS. I came to realize many years ago that just to believe in God was not what allowed me to Possess all His Promises, but trusting God through the Process is what births true fellowship and an authentic relationship with the one that gave His life for you and me. And God spared no details, the Holy Spirit is on the front lines, in the dark or dry places and has been given all authority and power to walk with us in this PROCESS.

I pray this encourages you to trust that God’s plan is perfect and that our PROCESS IS WHAT ALLOWS US TO POSSESS HIS PROMISES !!!!!!!

Well it’s spring which is a busy time for many reasons, time to start mowing after a very wet winter and early spring, flower beds need attention, spring cleaning in and out, baseball, bike rides and lets not forget spring turkey hunting just to name a few. Oh and some of us were blessed to have our first grandbaby in April. I’ll try to keep this in order as the events in April unfolded, I can’t remember, did I mention to you I’m a grandad.

The first weekend in April was another first for Joe Washum, the Iraq veteran we took to Uncle Ted Nugent’s earlier this year. The weather was cool and the turkeys were gobbling which created great conditions for a first time turkey hunter and guide that loves to outwit the weariest old tom. By Sunday at noon there were two longbeards in the cooler and memories of Joe’s first turkeys were etched in our minds forever. Joe and I enjoyed reminiscing about the hunt with Ted along with great talks about other interests, family happenings, (that reminds me did I tell you Angela and I are grandparents now), and Joe shared more insight from the war that is always very interesting and moving. I am pretty sure God likes the Triple Cross Ranch because He’s always there and blesses the hunts with more than just turkey or deer. Ya’ll please be diligent to pray for our troops.

This was also Easter weekend and we all know that the Friday before Easter Sunday is good Friday. It is good because the process behind good Friday allows us to possess salvation, one of God’s promises. Never thought of that until now, God your amazing. Maybe it should be Great Friday. Well it was great for Daryl Bayer. Daryl left this life to enter the place Jesus went to prepare for him. He no longer has stage 4 lung cancer and has now experienced the part of his journey that far outweighs the thrill and emotions of the huge buck he harvested at the Triple Cross last fall. I went to visit Daryl in the hospital a week before. The family told me Daryl was mostly sleeping and there may be only short moments of communication, just to prepare me. When I spoke Daryls name, He rolled over, hugged me, ask for us to sit him up and talked with me and Brian Walker, who introduced ATO to Daryl, for at least an hour if not more. We relived the hunt almost moment by moment, as Daryl was remembering every detail. I will never forget one thing he said to me. Daryl looked in my eyes and said “Bo I am going to be fine, one way or the other” and trust me Daryl new what he said and he believed it. The family was amazed as they said Daryl had not been that coherent for that length of time for several days before our visit and never was after, God truly gave us a special gift that evening. I must return the many thank you’s I recieved from Daryl’s brother, sisters, dad and other family to all of you that support ATO and God’s vision behind it. The family donated Daryls deer mount to ATO to hang on the wall at the Triple Cross, they said thats what Daryl would have wanted. Thank you God for my special times with your child Daryl Bayer.

The next event for April was a hunt I have been guiding since the early 90’s, guiding the Allera boys from PA, Jim, Pappy, Jess and friend and ATO supporter Terry Dick, ventured south for his first Texas hunt. I was a little nevous about this hunt because our first grandbaby was about due, hey did I mention that as of April I have a grandaughter. The turkey hunting could have been a little better but the fellowship in the woods and at camp is really what its all about. We hunted with outfitter and friend Ray Williamson. Please pray for Ann, Rays wife, she has breathing/lung issues. We harvested a couple of turkeys and are already making plans for 2011 hunt which will include Tom Wagner, another PA hunter and supporter of ATO.

The next event happened April 15th, and I’m not talking about my taxes. You probably wouldn’t know unless you heard thru the grapevine, Angela and I were blessed with our first granddaughter. Sawyer Grace Anderson was born that Thursday morning. Thanks for the prayers for Jenna and Mark during this special time. Sawyer Grace is doing fine and you might not can tell but I’m what I think they call a proud grandpa or B-pa is my official title. One thing is for sure, April will always have at least one day that isn’t about turkey hunting.

April 21st Rico and Sarah Bonastia made another trip from Missouri to the Triple Cross Ranch. Sarah has been enduring chemo treatments every month along with carpal tunnel surgery a couple weeks before. They were really ready to get inside the gate of the Triple Cross. Sarah shot her first turkey ever that first afternoon and Rico captured it all on film. The pressure was off for the rest of the hunt although there was more success for Rico and Sarah. The following day Rico bagged his first turkey ever with Sarah behind the camera, while day three would bless Sarah with her second Texas Rio Grande Turkey. The rest of the time was not just R&R it was F&F, fishing and fellowship with a few good meals inbetween. It was a blessing to have the opportunity to create more memories for all of us. Sarah got her deer back from the taxidermist and it has a place on the living room wall, she named it Finley. Believe me when I tell you the Triple Cross is a special place. Owners Richard and Myra Harbin and The Resting Place, a church that was birthed in friends homes, provided a huge meal, an encouraging word from the Lord and lots of good old fashion fellowship on Saturday evening. The final night was spent at the Finley home relaxing and we introduced Rico and Sarah to the rest of the family which included Sawyer our new granddaughter, I think I mentioned her already. Once again God srengthened our relationship with them as Sarah didn’t want to leave again. Please continue to pray for Sarah & Rico. Chemo seems to be working but is very tough every 4th week.

Always pray as the Spirit leads you to for ATO. Our main needs for 2010 would be that we make connections with those God wants to bless through the vision of ATO and the other is the finances. We need for God to show us who we need to connect with and how to reveal God’s vision for ATO. I have always said this isn’t about me but my name and face is attached to ATO so pray that we can be bold with our conviction of the vision while remaining humble. ATO is a good investment for Gods people so ask for wisdom and understanding for the day to day task of this ministry. Would you pray about supporting ATO monthly or maybe passing the vision to someone who might. $25 – $100a month x 20 or more people really ads up. I hope you know asking for money is my least favorite thing to do but ATO’s vision can’t bless God’s children whithout it. We are still working on fundraisers so if you would like to get involved someway please let us know. Always remember to pray for the Harbin’s and God’s hand on the Triple Cross Ranch. Your prayers and support in every way encourage me, please continue. The fruit of this ministry I believe is pleasing to God. With His vision and His will combined with our obedience ATO has and will turn the hearts of people to Him.

Remember if we submit to the process we can possess His promises !!!!!

As always it is my pleasure to serve Him with you

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