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June Praise and Prayer Report

Hi Everyone,

Well the month of June 2010 has flown by, gone never to return. Isn’t it amazing how a day, a week, a month and then a year can be gone in a flash. The summer particularly seems to disappear quickly with all the activities we try to accomplish in a 90 day period. Enjoy all this summer has for you, family and friends, giving God thanks for each & every blessed day.

Speaking of time, how about the USA having another birthday on July 4th, 1775 to 2010, wow 235 years old. Unless you have traveled abroad, it’s really hard to appreciate our freedom in the USA. We also have know way of relating to the struggles endured in those times other than a history lesson in a schoolroom or maybe stories passed down from generation to generation. There is something in me that says if we the citizens of the USA, and yes that “we” includes our government officials, could grasp what independence meant to those in that time in history, it would change many perspectives we have today. Maintaining that freedom is the only thing that can allow us a glimpse of what independence and freedom truly means. Once again please don’t forget to pray for those serving our country to insure that freedom for us all! If you would, please take the time to look up, Independence and Independent. As so often and easily done, these words seem to go hand in hand, but as words spoken in Greek or Hebrew then translated to English can change a scripture, the implications of these two words can get things very twisted and deceptive in their meaning. There is one who comes to kill, steal and destroy, John 10;10, and one of his favorite scams is to get us to twist and distort words from their implied definition.

God has truly blessed America with its independence since 1775, greatly due to our leaders faith and Christian values in those days. We all know and have been impacted by the economy and/or our government issues that exist today. Everyone seems to have an answer or maybe its more of an opinion, nevertheless we are where we are at today as a country. We will never all agree nor will total unity arise to make everything o.k., that’s just reality and ironically a part of our independence. As always I desire to encourage you in everything, even though so much of what we see and hear daily is discouraging and somewhat out of control. Would you join me in celebrating the Declaration of America’s Independence and give God praise for it, while wholeheartedly and humbly Declaring our Dependence on God and trusting in His sovereignty. Does this mean sit on our hands, not use our voice or proclaim how and what we believe…..absolutely not….the issue is how are we using our voice and our actions. Peter cut off the ear of a soldier and was rebuked by Jesus, could that be me or you today. Could our thoughts or actions actually be opposing to God’s will. I pray we will all do a check and balance with our words and actions, so we don’t find ourselves in Peter’s shoe’ s (o.k. sandals). Are we praying for our enemies, are we praying for our leaders, are our words encouraging others about the sovereignty of God or do we chime in with that voice that is so prevalent in our world today and just cut off another ear for Jesus. My next thought was to apologize if this was to bold, but the apology would not be honest nor would it challenge us so I will only encourage us to ask God if this word is relevant to His kingdom business today. Can we all spend more time today and everyday seeking to understand the Sovereignty of our God and trusting in it, rather than wasting our thoughts and emotions on the unstable chaos that seems to consume us minute by minute, hour by hour or day by day. I pray Ephesians 1;16-19 over you, please open the scriptures and enjoy.

Well June has been a time to get a grasp on all that God has done in 2009 and the start of 2010, while getting a perspective on everything we need to accomplish this summer. As we have mentioned Jim Allera and the Pittsburgh gang are selling raffle tickets for a Steelers game, if you know any Steeler fans let us know, Jim has already mailed some to Texas and he will be glad to send more; they are five dollars apiece. Jim also has someone that is going to put together a Texas Hold’em tournament, how cool is that Texas Hold’em in Pennsylvania. We have also been working on the golf tourney and getting flyer’s out. We need teams, sponsors and prizes so if you can get involved and help us please give me a shout.

We were blessed with two hunters and three hunts, a deer hunt, turkey hunt and a javelina hunt from an ad that came out in the July/August issue of the Texas Trophy Hunter magazine. The ad was something that Sam Downe felt the Lord had put on his heart to do and through his obedience ATO has been blessed.

Next is getting ready to add-on to the cabin at The Triple Cross Ranch. I have made several trips to the ranch to make arrangements with the concrete and plumbing contractors. One morning as I arrived a little early to finalize the drawings, I noticed the porch was wet and it hadn’t rained. As I approached the porch wondering why the porch was wet, it hit me, a plumbing leak inside the cabin. I opened the door to find one to two inches of water in about half of the cabin and a water heater that was spewing water. The blessing was the plumber was on his way and he had a small pump in his truck. Within an hour the disaster was under control with really no permanent damage, just needed a few hot days, some fans going and a little cleaning up. It could have been much worse if it would have been a couple more days before I was to meet the plumber, thank you Lord. Well now the concrete is poured, the Harbins and I have been working on some details, all in anticipation for the five man Pennsylvania framing crew that will show up at the Triple Cross on July 14th and stay until the 20th. Please pray for this week, it will be hot and none of us do this all the time. We expect to get the add-on in the dry but we also are expecting God to show up in all that we do from work, to fellowship and other activities we will enjoy. I know I sound like a broke record, but please pray for the Harbin’s and The Triple Cross, what a blessing for ATO, God’s plans are perfect. This add-on will most likely take until September to complete, so please pray for God’s favor, wisdom,along with every ones safety for this project. We are adding a new bedroom with fully handicapped bathroom, two concrete wheelchair ramps and a large patio that attaches to the front porch.

We have ten or so hunts already booked for the fall. We have some fishing trips and exotic hunts to do also, please pray for all of our adventures, its not about just filling a spot its about who God has for each trip and that we are submitted to each individual trip, so God can love on those He sends our way. I know many only see the hunt and think its a kind thing to do but if it ever becomes about the game pursued or the hunt itself we have abandoned the true vision for ATO. Please remain faithful in your prayers for ATO, we must never become complacent in creating the environment, that is the core of God’s vision for ATO. As always pray for our finances, it would be so great if it didn’t take resources to operate ministries but then I guess trust and faith would just be words with little value. Again I will ask you to partner with us and/or be a voice for ATO so others can see that ATO is a solid investment in the kingdom and the treasures in Heaven far outweigh the earthly ones. Can you fathom that God not only allows us to participate in kingdom stuff, but that was His true hearts desire for you and me when He formed man from the dust of the earth. I’m sure we will never grasp the depth of such a love, but let’s do all we can to dwell in it.

Above all, Be Kingdom Minded, Never Compromise Your Personal Relationship with Jesus for Nothin (I know that’s so country, I can’t help it) and Allow the Holy Spirit the Freedom to Reign over Your Mind, Will and Emotions.

It is my pleasure to serve in the Kingdom with you.


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