To bless and honor handicapped, disadvantaged, or hurting children and adults by providing first class hunting or outdoor adventures in a Christian ranch environment.

June Praise and Prayer Report

Hi Everyone,

Well the month of June 2010 has flown by, gone never to return. Isn’t it amazing how a day, a week, a month and then a year can be gone in a flash. The summer particularly seems to disappear quickly with all the activities we try to accomplish in a 90 day period. Enjoy all this summer has for you, family and friends, giving God thanks for each & every blessed day.

Speaking of time, how about the USA having another birthday on July 4th, 1775 to 2010, wow 235 years old. Unless you have traveled abroad, it’s really hard to appreciate our freedom in the USA. We also have know way of relating to the struggles endured in those times other than a history lesson in a schoolroom or maybe stories passed down from generation to generation. There is something in me that says if we the citizens of the USA, and yes that “we” includes our government officials, could grasp what independence meant to those in that time in history, it would change many perspectives we have today. Maintaining that freedom is the only thing that can allow us a glimpse of what independence and freedom truly means. Once again please don’t forget to pray for those serving our country to insure that freedom for us all! If you would, please take the time to look up, Independence and Independent. As so often and easily done, these words seem to go hand in hand, but as words spoken in Greek or Hebrew then translated to English can change a scripture, the implications of these two words can get things very twisted and deceptive in their meaning. There is one who comes to kill, steal and destroy, John 10;10, and one of his favorite scams is to get us to twist and distort words from their implied definition.

God has truly blessed America with its independence since 1775, greatly due to our leaders faith and Christian values in those days. We all know and have been impacted by the economy and/or our government issues that exist today. Everyone seems to have an answer or maybe its more of an opinion, nevertheless we are where we are at today as a country. We will never all agree nor will total unity arise to make everything o.k., that’s just reality and ironically a part of our independence. As always I desire to encourage you in everything, even though so much of what we see and hear daily is discouraging and somewhat out of control. Would you join me in celebrating the Declaration of America’s Independence and give God praise for it, while wholeheartedly and humbly Declaring our Dependence on God and trusting in His sovereignty. Does this mean sit on our hands, not use our voice or proclaim how and what we believe…..absolutely not….the issue is how are we using our voice and our actions. Peter cut off the ear of a soldier and was rebuked by Jesus, could that be me or you today. Could our thoughts or actions actually be opposing to God’s will. I pray we will all do a check and balance with our words and actions, so we don’t find ourselves in Peter’s shoe’ s (o.k. sandals). Are we praying for our enemies, are we praying for our leaders, are our words encouraging others about the sovereignty of God or do we chime in with that voice that is so prevalent in our world today and just cut off another ear for Jesus. My next thought was to apologize if this was to bold, but the apology would not be honest nor would it challenge us so I will only encourage us to ask God if this word is relevant to His kingdom business today. Can we all spend more time today and everyday seeking to understand the Sovereignty of our God and trusting in it, rather than wasting our thoughts and emotions on the unstable chaos that seems to consume us minute by minute, hour by hour or day by day. I pray Ephesians 1;16-19 over you, please open the scriptures and enjoy.

Well June has been a time to get a grasp on all that God has done in 2009 and the start of 2010, while getting a perspective on everything we need to accomplish this summer. As we have mentioned Jim Allera and the Pittsburgh gang are selling raffle tickets for a Steelers game, if you know any Steeler fans let us know, Jim has already mailed some to Texas and he will be glad to send more; they are five dollars apiece. Jim also has someone that is going to put together a Texas Hold’em tournament, how cool is that Texas Hold’em in Pennsylvania. We have also been working on the golf tourney and getting flyer’s out. We need teams, sponsors and prizes so if you can get involved and help us please give me a shout.

We were blessed with two hunters and three hunts, a deer hunt, turkey hunt and a javelina hunt from an ad that came out in the July/August issue of the Texas Trophy Hunter magazine. The ad was something that Sam Downe felt the Lord had put on his heart to do and through his obedience ATO has been blessed.

Next is getting ready to add-on to the cabin at The Triple Cross Ranch. I have made several trips to the ranch to make arrangements with the concrete and plumbing contractors. One morning as I arrived a little early to finalize the drawings, I noticed the porch was wet and it hadn’t rained. As I approached the porch wondering why the porch was wet, it hit me, a plumbing leak inside the cabin. I opened the door to find one to two inches of water in about half of the cabin and a water heater that was spewing water. The blessing was the plumber was on his way and he had a small pump in his truck. Within an hour the disaster was under control with really no permanent damage, just needed a few hot days, some fans going and a little cleaning up. It could have been much worse if it would have been a couple more days before I was to meet the plumber, thank you Lord. Well now the concrete is poured, the Harbins and I have been working on some details, all in anticipation for the five man Pennsylvania framing crew that will show up at the Triple Cross on July 14th and stay until the 20th. Please pray for this week, it will be hot and none of us do this all the time. We expect to get the add-on in the dry but we also are expecting God to show up in all that we do from work, to fellowship and other activities we will enjoy. I know I sound like a broke record, but please pray for the Harbin’s and The Triple Cross, what a blessing for ATO, God’s plans are perfect. This add-on will most likely take until September to complete, so please pray for God’s favor, wisdom,along with every ones safety for this project. We are adding a new bedroom with fully handicapped bathroom, two concrete wheelchair ramps and a large patio that attaches to the front porch.

We have ten or so hunts already booked for the fall. We have some fishing trips and exotic hunts to do also, please pray for all of our adventures, its not about just filling a spot its about who God has for each trip and that we are submitted to each individual trip, so God can love on those He sends our way. I know many only see the hunt and think its a kind thing to do but if it ever becomes about the game pursued or the hunt itself we have abandoned the true vision for ATO. Please remain faithful in your prayers for ATO, we must never become complacent in creating the environment, that is the core of God’s vision for ATO. As always pray for our finances, it would be so great if it didn’t take resources to operate ministries but then I guess trust and faith would just be words with little value. Again I will ask you to partner with us and/or be a voice for ATO so others can see that ATO is a solid investment in the kingdom and the treasures in Heaven far outweigh the earthly ones. Can you fathom that God not only allows us to participate in kingdom stuff, but that was His true hearts desire for you and me when He formed man from the dust of the earth. I’m sure we will never grasp the depth of such a love, but let’s do all we can to dwell in it.

Above all, Be Kingdom Minded, Never Compromise Your Personal Relationship with Jesus for Nothin (I know that’s so country, I can’t help it) and Allow the Holy Spirit the Freedom to Reign over Your Mind, Will and Emotions.

It is my pleasure to serve in the Kingdom with you.


May Praise and Prayer Report

Hello Friends,

Every time I write this report, I wonder if what is put into words really speaks whats in my heart. My prayer and hope is that no matter where your at in life, in general and spiritually, that you be encouraged by what God wants me to share.

Recently I was watching a Christian TV show, Life Today, which is a ministry the Lord has entrusted to James and Betty Robison, who have blessed literally millions of people around the world. God has used James and Betty in many areas of ministry over several decades, which has probably affected you, your family or your church family in some way.

On this particular show James and Betty were sharing with everyone the trials their family has endured over the past several months. James had undergone a hip replacement, which is very common today. James recovery seemed to be going normal, (as our lives seem to be so often), until the worst happened; Staff Infection. The doctors soon informed James and Betty they were not just fighting to save Jame’s leg, but his life. As God will always do if we are yielded and submitted to Him, He spoke revelation to James, personally and for the body of Christ during these trials. Next James explained about their son who has had serious eye issues. I remember James saying, I said to my son, you are so talented in all you do for the ministry with the computer tasks along with the website, you really need to see. I remember James quoting his sons response, dad I just want to see my kids grow up. Wouldn’t you think that is plenty for a God loving family to endure? A family that has earnestly served God in so many ways, well there’s more. James and Betty’s daughter was struck with a disease that has affected most of us by family or friend if not personally, cancer! They shared briefly of her struggles of this disease which most are related to the intense chemo treatments that are necessary to battle the cancer. I recall James saying that she had lost so much weight that her brother hardly recognized her. The next thing James said I don’t think I will ever forget and is why I have shared the Robison’s story with you. James and Betty shared that throughout this battle every time they received an email from their daughter she would sign it “I WIN “.

What a profound statement! How in the midst of a life or death battle; how when a disease has reduced you to only a portion of who you really are; how when your treatment makes you sick and weak; how when the outcome of the battle is unknown to you or your family; How can you say ” I WIN “. There is only one way to begin to comprehend this statement…..God loves you and me so much that He wouldn’t even spare His own Son’s life and Jesus understanding the depth of that love freely and willingly submitted Himself to God’s plan of the cross….WHY…. so you and I can boldly proclaim ” I WIN “. Our choice to accept the free gift of salvation by grace, through faith ,is the beginning of a relationship with God that He intended in the garden, so we can be all God intended us to be and allows us to say IN HIM, “I WIN”.

To wrap this up I would ask you to define the word WIN. Like so many other words it has been so distorted in our world today. We are told to be a winner in life its about; how big, how much, how good, how many and on and on. Then the word win combined with pride, greed or selfish ambition really confuses God’s true meaning of being a winner. Its much simpler than we have made it, by acknowledging that we need God and pursuing that need through salvation and then daily submitting ourselves to a relationship with Him, which will constantly conform us to a likeness of Jesus, then I WIN and YOU WIN. I don’t know if there really are Pearly Gates, but if there are when I enter them, no matter who meets me there or what question they ask me I think my response will be “I WIN”.

Our first hunt of May was with our friends the Barksdale family from Weatherford. Bruce, Shelia and Douglas enjoyed the blessings of the Harbin Triple Cross Ranch once again. It had began to warm up so the turkey hunting had slowed down a little. The turkeys were scattered more than earlier in the season making Douglas and I learn more about that patience word, you know the one if God gave out grades, most of us would not be passing. After early mornings, late evenings, the heat and a few short power-naps in the blind Douglas was blessed with his first Rio Grand Turkey. After the shouts, the laughs, the high-fives and something I would call The Douglas Dance, I was amazed the double bull pop-up blind was still in one piece. All I know to say is God is good all the time!!! This was an awesome hunt but there is more to do for the Barksdale’s, they need your prayers……Bruce’s emphysema is still progressing and he has eye surgery soon, their daughter was bucked off a horse and had a concussion which left some fluid on her brain that needs to go away and Shelia has some irregular heart issues along with a mammogram that the doctors are concerned about. Please put them in your prayers.

Our next and final turkey hunt was with Brodie Sharp from Aledo TX and Rick King, a friend of Brodie’s since high school came along for the hunt. There are many things that God has prepared me for as a hunting guide but predicting the weather or changing it is not one of them. The rained moved in and kept us from going to the ranch on Friday, mainly due to Brodie doesn’t have a 4×4 wheelchair yet…I said yet. We didn’t allow this to dampen our spirits, we went out Friday night and ate some great Mexican food in FT. Worth and went to Cabela’s on Saturday. One of the blessings for the weekend was Brodie lost his key to his safe, if he hadn’t I assure you he would be broke today. Late Saturday evening we decided to make a mad dash to the Triple Cross. That evening we didn’t even hear a gobble and Sunday morning we heard several birds but it just wasn’t going to happen this time. We were all blessed with good food, good fellowship, with each other and Richard and Myra Harbin (owners or should I say stewards of the Triple Cross Ranch) and some time in God’s Great Outdoors. Some would say our hunt was not successful, no we didn’t harvest a turkey, but a great weekend and great hunt, absolutely blessed!

Our final outing for May was a fishing trip with 6 or 7 boys with learning disabilities that attend a private school in FT. Worth TX. A good friend of mine son was one of the boys. The teacher, a couple moms (one of the moms drove a BMW, pretty sure that’s a first and last for the Triple Cross Ranch), one dad and my friends mom and dad all helped and enjoyed watching the boys catch some perch. After several tangled lines and baiting lots of hooks, we caught lots of perch, many of them caught their first fish ever. Everyone had a great time and the teacher said it was the best field trip they have had in a long time. We have already planned one for next September and again in May. They sent us a thank you card that everyone signed, what an honor and blessing to serve these boys that God loves so deeply.

How do I say thanks to all of you that make what we do at ATO possible? I am so humbled to represent ATO in the mission that God has trusted us to. Please continue to pray that God keep me spiritually alert so I hear and see him clearly. God, as always, has continued to show Himself faithful in what He spoke in ATO’s beginning’s; create the environment and He will bless His people. Jimmy Downe, ATO board member said in our beginnings, Our measuring stick will always be our Obedience. Amen and Amen

We have been blessed with some exotic hunts on two or three different ranches, we are working out details. We also have been invited for two Lake Texoma striper fishing trips sometime this summer. All of these opportunities have facilities for families and they are very excited to team up with ATO, once again, God is good, all the time. Another exciting announcement is we are going to add on to the cabin at the Triple Cross Ranch. A new bedroom with a full handicapped bathroom. I will ask everyone again to pray for Richard and Myra Harbin (Triple Cross owners), they have been so awesome in every way. Their obedience to God for the vision of ATO is unwavering, so believe me when I tell you they are committed and are having a blast as well. We will have our fundraiser golf tournament September 9th and the PA group are starting to sell their raffle tickets for the Steelers football game. Keep praying for these and other fundraisers along with our finances in general. Thank you all for all you do for ATO and even more for your commitment to God’s Kingdom stuff. I pray the eyes to your heart be opened so the revelation of God’s love be contagious to everyone He sends your way. And remember, if you have said yes to Jesus ” YOU WIN “.

As always, it is my pleasure to serve Him with you,


April Praise and Prayer Report

Greetings Everyone,

I would like to ask you to ponder on the words Promise, Possess and Process, what do they mean and how do they affect our journey we call christianity. The scripture reference I would like to visit are Exodus 3;7-8 and 16-17. Paraphrasing these verses, God said, I have seen my peoples misery, I have heard their cry, I am concerned about their sufferings, I promise to rescue/deliver them from the Egyptians to a good and spacious land flowing with milk and honey. Wow, that is the essence of God’s character, I see, I hear, I am concerned, I promise to deliver and I will also give you the best I have……….excuse me while I step outside to SHOUT and DANCE……….. o.k. I’m back. How awesome is it that me and you are serving that same God and His promises are for us just as they were for Moses and the Israelites. Now as christians we must believe those are foundational truths of God’s character, as He shows us in His word and as He reveals these in our own lives.

Now the next part to talk about is the word Possess. God does so much for us that much of it goes unnoticed or taken for granted in our busy lives. Even as much as God loves us He needs us to participate, do our part. God’s desire is that we possess all that He has created for us, physically and spiritually. God has given us many promises, as He did the Israelites, but they had to trust Him enough to go and POSSESS THE LAND !!!!!!!! God has much for each of us to possess, but am I and are you? We know the blessings and struggles in the wilderness for forty years, did all make the journey and possess God’s promise. No unfortunately stubborness, pride, fear and a host of fleshly things keep them and keeps us from possessing all God has for us. Never forget, God’s desire is that we POSSESS ALL THAT HE HAS PROMISED, so much that He gave the best He had, His son Jesus.

The Process is the part of this journey that we seldom see or understand very clearly until we look back on that portion of our journey. This is where the Israelites complained, felt sorry for themselves, blamed Moses and whatever else came to mind and wanted to return to the very place they cried for God to deliver them from….as we sniker at them I’m pretty sure they are getting the last laugh. There never has been nor never will be a formula for the process, its simply do you believe the PROMISES of GOD, do you want to POSSESS them and will you TRUST HIS PROCESS. I came to realize many years ago that just to believe in God was not what allowed me to Possess all His Promises, but trusting God through the Process is what births true fellowship and an authentic relationship with the one that gave His life for you and me. And God spared no details, the Holy Spirit is on the front lines, in the dark or dry places and has been given all authority and power to walk with us in this PROCESS.

I pray this encourages you to trust that God’s plan is perfect and that our PROCESS IS WHAT ALLOWS US TO POSSESS HIS PROMISES !!!!!!!

Well it’s spring which is a busy time for many reasons, time to start mowing after a very wet winter and early spring, flower beds need attention, spring cleaning in and out, baseball, bike rides and lets not forget spring turkey hunting just to name a few. Oh and some of us were blessed to have our first grandbaby in April. I’ll try to keep this in order as the events in April unfolded, I can’t remember, did I mention to you I’m a grandad.

The first weekend in April was another first for Joe Washum, the Iraq veteran we took to Uncle Ted Nugent’s earlier this year. The weather was cool and the turkeys were gobbling which created great conditions for a first time turkey hunter and guide that loves to outwit the weariest old tom. By Sunday at noon there were two longbeards in the cooler and memories of Joe’s first turkeys were etched in our minds forever. Joe and I enjoyed reminiscing about the hunt with Ted along with great talks about other interests, family happenings, (that reminds me did I tell you Angela and I are grandparents now), and Joe shared more insight from the war that is always very interesting and moving. I am pretty sure God likes the Triple Cross Ranch because He’s always there and blesses the hunts with more than just turkey or deer. Ya’ll please be diligent to pray for our troops.

This was also Easter weekend and we all know that the Friday before Easter Sunday is good Friday. It is good because the process behind good Friday allows us to possess salvation, one of God’s promises. Never thought of that until now, God your amazing. Maybe it should be Great Friday. Well it was great for Daryl Bayer. Daryl left this life to enter the place Jesus went to prepare for him. He no longer has stage 4 lung cancer and has now experienced the part of his journey that far outweighs the thrill and emotions of the huge buck he harvested at the Triple Cross last fall. I went to visit Daryl in the hospital a week before. The family told me Daryl was mostly sleeping and there may be only short moments of communication, just to prepare me. When I spoke Daryls name, He rolled over, hugged me, ask for us to sit him up and talked with me and Brian Walker, who introduced ATO to Daryl, for at least an hour if not more. We relived the hunt almost moment by moment, as Daryl was remembering every detail. I will never forget one thing he said to me. Daryl looked in my eyes and said “Bo I am going to be fine, one way or the other” and trust me Daryl new what he said and he believed it. The family was amazed as they said Daryl had not been that coherent for that length of time for several days before our visit and never was after, God truly gave us a special gift that evening. I must return the many thank you’s I recieved from Daryl’s brother, sisters, dad and other family to all of you that support ATO and God’s vision behind it. The family donated Daryls deer mount to ATO to hang on the wall at the Triple Cross, they said thats what Daryl would have wanted. Thank you God for my special times with your child Daryl Bayer.

The next event for April was a hunt I have been guiding since the early 90’s, guiding the Allera boys from PA, Jim, Pappy, Jess and friend and ATO supporter Terry Dick, ventured south for his first Texas hunt. I was a little nevous about this hunt because our first grandbaby was about due, hey did I mention that as of April I have a grandaughter. The turkey hunting could have been a little better but the fellowship in the woods and at camp is really what its all about. We hunted with outfitter and friend Ray Williamson. Please pray for Ann, Rays wife, she has breathing/lung issues. We harvested a couple of turkeys and are already making plans for 2011 hunt which will include Tom Wagner, another PA hunter and supporter of ATO.

The next event happened April 15th, and I’m not talking about my taxes. You probably wouldn’t know unless you heard thru the grapevine, Angela and I were blessed with our first granddaughter. Sawyer Grace Anderson was born that Thursday morning. Thanks for the prayers for Jenna and Mark during this special time. Sawyer Grace is doing fine and you might not can tell but I’m what I think they call a proud grandpa or B-pa is my official title. One thing is for sure, April will always have at least one day that isn’t about turkey hunting.

April 21st Rico and Sarah Bonastia made another trip from Missouri to the Triple Cross Ranch. Sarah has been enduring chemo treatments every month along with carpal tunnel surgery a couple weeks before. They were really ready to get inside the gate of the Triple Cross. Sarah shot her first turkey ever that first afternoon and Rico captured it all on film. The pressure was off for the rest of the hunt although there was more success for Rico and Sarah. The following day Rico bagged his first turkey ever with Sarah behind the camera, while day three would bless Sarah with her second Texas Rio Grande Turkey. The rest of the time was not just R&R it was F&F, fishing and fellowship with a few good meals inbetween. It was a blessing to have the opportunity to create more memories for all of us. Sarah got her deer back from the taxidermist and it has a place on the living room wall, she named it Finley. Believe me when I tell you the Triple Cross is a special place. Owners Richard and Myra Harbin and The Resting Place, a church that was birthed in friends homes, provided a huge meal, an encouraging word from the Lord and lots of good old fashion fellowship on Saturday evening. The final night was spent at the Finley home relaxing and we introduced Rico and Sarah to the rest of the family which included Sawyer our new granddaughter, I think I mentioned her already. Once again God srengthened our relationship with them as Sarah didn’t want to leave again. Please continue to pray for Sarah & Rico. Chemo seems to be working but is very tough every 4th week.

Always pray as the Spirit leads you to for ATO. Our main needs for 2010 would be that we make connections with those God wants to bless through the vision of ATO and the other is the finances. We need for God to show us who we need to connect with and how to reveal God’s vision for ATO. I have always said this isn’t about me but my name and face is attached to ATO so pray that we can be bold with our conviction of the vision while remaining humble. ATO is a good investment for Gods people so ask for wisdom and understanding for the day to day task of this ministry. Would you pray about supporting ATO monthly or maybe passing the vision to someone who might. $25 – $100a month x 20 or more people really ads up. I hope you know asking for money is my least favorite thing to do but ATO’s vision can’t bless God’s children whithout it. We are still working on fundraisers so if you would like to get involved someway please let us know. Always remember to pray for the Harbin’s and God’s hand on the Triple Cross Ranch. Your prayers and support in every way encourage me, please continue. The fruit of this ministry I believe is pleasing to God. With His vision and His will combined with our obedience ATO has and will turn the hearts of people to Him.

Remember if we submit to the process we can possess His promises !!!!!

As always it is my pleasure to serve Him with you

March Praise and Prayer Report

Greetings to everyone,

I would like to begin this months praise & prayer with a truth I shared with you a few months back and something I remind myself of daily:
God is still on His throne
Jesus is seated at His right hand
The Holy Spirit is doing well and on the job today
Kingdom plans have not changed and are right on track

Saints will you join me and remind yourself everyday that these are the truths we can always trust and hold on to when things around us seem to be so unstable and chaotic. We must move beyond our five senses we so often trust and embrace a larger vision that Jesus constantly called the KINGDOM. Brothers and sisters will you ask Father to expand our minds and hearts to see wider and deeper than we ever have before. If we will move beyond our denomination or religous mindset and begin to see from a kingdom perspective, it will transform how we respond to our daily trials and tribulations of the present times. Jesus referred to the kingdom 108 times according to my Strong’s Concordance. He was adamant about the kingdom and referred to it often in parables as He was teaching.

You may say o.k. Bo I see what your getting at but to think of this kingdom thing is just too big, I can’t wrap my mind or heart around it. Your right it is big, but let me remind you we serve a big God that has always made a way for man to participate in His big plans from the beginning and will to the end. I heard someone say one time, “how do you eat an elephant, one bite at a time”. It may take some time and determination but you could eat the elephant if you don’t focus on his size. David defeated Goliath because of a kingdom mindset, Goliath’s size was not an issue.

Jesus refers to the kingdom as a treasure in a field and a pearl of great value and the men who found these, joyfully went and sold all they had to purchase the field with the treasure and the pearl of great value. Now here is the tough question; have we sold out, abandond everything to seek this kingdom that God dwells in. If our hearts desire is to enjoy kingdom living God has a promise for us; Hebrews 11:6 says God is a rewarder of those who diligently / earnestly seek Him. The woman with the issue of blood pressed through the crowd to touch the garment of Jesus, they rebuked blind Bartimae’us so he cried out all the more to Jesus, they climbed on roofs to lower their friend to Jesus, am I and are you seeking the kingdom with that kind of persistance. If we want to enjoy kingdom living now we must ask ourselves are we seeking diligently and earnestly. If we are, we can enjoy the kingdom “ONE BITE AT A TIME”.

I was blessed to meet Brady Burchette at Birdwell Lube and Automotive in Weatherford, where I get my oil changed, the first week of March. Eight years ago Brady had a auto accident on the ice that left him paralized from the waist down. As I introduced myself and told Brady of ATO, he shared with me that he hasn’t been hunting since the accident. Brady’s eyes lit up when he ask if his son Tyler could come along. Tyler was only 2 years old at the time of the accident so he never had been hunting with his dad. A week or so later we were all enjoying another special time at the Triple Cross Ranch. Brady and Tyler experience something many of us have taken for granted, Brady havested a great deer with his son at his side. This was also Brady’s biggest buck ever. God said create the environment and He will bless His children and He has.

Next for March was a trip to Pennsylvania to share the blessings of the past year with all our PA friends, supporters and prayer warriors. Everyone was excited to see all the pictures and the dvd’s brought tears to the eyes of 6 or 7 grown men. Only God can pierce the heart of big tough guys like that. Keep praying for Jack Dykes as his knee is getting better but still has a ways to go. We were blessed to receive a 12 gauge shotgun and a 204 rifle along with some financial donations as well. Also pray for Tom Wagner, his daughter is getting married this summer and well, thats his baby girl, I’ve been there and its not that easy. It was a very productive trip as we cast more vision and Jim Allera and I made several new contacts. Thank you PA partners so much for your huge hearts and commitment to Christ and ATO, you make this Texas country boy feel right at home.

Our last trip was on March 1st, just a few days ago, thats why this report is a few days late. The trip to Ted Nugent’s, The Spirit Wild Ranch was well how would I put this………WILD. We were blessed to take Joe Washum to hunt an exotic doe with Ted. This was the hunt good friend and supporter of ATO, Scott Bradshaw purchased at a fundraising dinner and donated the hunt to ATO. Scott brought his two boys, Jobe and Pake, along to meet the old guitar player. It was quiet the experience for all involved. Joe Washum is one of our veteran hero’s from the war in Iraq. Joe was involved in a warehouse explosion that burned about 50 % of his body while losing two fellow soldiers in the explosion, which it is obvious thats ths hardest part for our veterans. It is so inspiring to hear Joe talk about his service to his country. He shared the emotions of anger and bitterness that came full circle to an attitude of service to those coming home that were in need of encouragement. To hear some of the what, why’s and where’s of this war from someone who has been there was very interesting and moving to say the least. I am honored to know Joe Washum. Joe harvested a fallow doe on this hunt, which is his first animal other than some dove and small game. Ted, Big Jim and Joe Bob were great hosts. We spent 5 or 6 hours with them and I was impressed as Ted blessed us with his time and humor as though we were old friends. Ted does use his platform in many ways for our gun and hunting rights whether you like his style or not. Ted loves his country and it is evident he loves our veterans. He also autographed some deer sheds that we will auction at the fundraiser banquet. Thanks to the Bradshaw family for this blessing. We will be taking Joe on his first turkey hunt soon.

We need your prayers for the fundraisers that are in the works. The PA bunch is going to raffle off some Steeler tickets and are thinking of something else to do. We are working on the plans for our banquet and we are also looking at a golf tournament. Just pray how you feel lead for wisdom and God’s favor as this is all new to most of us. Of course this is to raise money to support ATO but our hearts desire always is that Jesus be exalted and God be glorified in these events. Begin praying for the turkey hunts, that we create the environment and then get out of God’s way and watch Him love on His children. Pray for my daughter Jenna as she will have our first grandbaby in April. I have met a new taxidermist, Angelo Puma who is excited to join us with his skills. Angelo’s mom, Barbara needs your prayers as she has terminal cancer. Angelo and family know that God is with her here and will be their when its time to go to heaven, but its just tough going thru these times. Ask God to reveal to all of us how and what to pray because we must pray in agreement with His will or we pray in vain. Blessings to all and never forget, keep your relationship with Him firstplace in your life and then enjoy the KINGDOM JOURNEY.

It is always my pleasure to serve our Jesus with you,


February Praise and Prayer Report

Greetings Everyone,

       Its a miracle !!!!!!!  No, I’m not kidding, its a miracle.  My computer, that until about a year ago I didn’t even care to turn it on, much less surf the internet, email or forward and reply to them, go in and manage a website and many other tasks I have learned in this new relationship, is trying to crash.  For days now every time I checked it, it gave me a black screen with a bunch of gibberish that looked like Greek and Hebrew all mixed together, I thought I would need an interpreter, I guess they are called geeks in the computer world.  I have been on the phone getting in touch with a couple of computer guys.   I walked in the door before lunch I moved the mouse to see what happened, the black screen appeared.  I began to pray speaking to God about how I needed to check emails and get out the February Praise and Prayer report.  Guess what, for the first time in several days the green start icon that you click on to start up the computer appeared.  I have checked emails and its obvious what I’m doing now!  Miracle……….God’s specialty is restoring people and a computer every now and then (if we will ask).

     As usual I am amazed that God allows us to take part in His kingdom plans.  Most recently I have been asked to do a devotional on Sunday mornings at the ASA archery shoots in our area.  The ASA has 3-D tournaments at the state and national level, with about 180 shooters this past Sunday in Ft. Worth.  This past Sunday was the first of about 8 or 10 shoots between now and July.  There was maybe 20 or 25 in the church group but with microphone in hand I kind of had a captive audience as everyone else was 30 feet away in the line to sign up to shoot.  Pray for me as I share God’s goodness and also introduce ATO to many people.  

    As I began to prepare for Sunday God took me to John 3:16, so I ask what specifically I was to focus on.  He revealed to me it was to be the last two words of this scripture ETERNAL LIFE.  God what would you have me share about eternal life?  God’s word is so awesome, it never contradicts itself and every question we have, the answer is somewhere between Genesis and Revelation.  He then directed me to John 17:2&3. “For you granted Him authority over all people that He might give eternal life to all those you have given Him.  NOW THIS IS ETERNAL LIFE; THAT THEY MAY KNOW YOU, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent”.  Now I know I may be preaching to the choir here and maybe you have heard a sermon on this before, but I think there is something here that can affect our spiritual mindset forever.  Everthing from Genesis 1:1 to Revelation 22:21  is about God seeking relationship with His creation.  Ya there are wars, famine, death, evil men, sinful man, men that loved God and still failed, but it all points to one thing RELATIONSHIP with our God.  Our present tribulations and the ones that are still to come all do the same. They lead us to a jealous God that loves us so much and desires a relationship with His creation that He wouldn’t even spare His own Son’s life to abandon us.  Brothers and sisters, it doesn’t say, for God so loved His christain church denominations, home groups, book reading, conference attending, (I’m going to stop before I get in trouble) no it says for God so loved the world !!!!!!!  God desires that relationship with us but much to our dismay He desires it with the undesirable, the murderer, the thief, the liar, the lazy, the prostitute and whoever we may consider beyond the mercy and grace of God.  No, there is no one that the arm of God can’t reach.  I believe God is saying this; if everything we encounter in our journey as christians,  we can understand that there is one main purpose to God’s kingdom plan, its about a relationship with the world, christian and non-christian (not christians yet).  God’s obligation is not just to those of us that have recieved His provision that gives eternal life, but the death of Jesus would be in vain if He is not equally obligated to the rest of His creation. Some will join the kingdom and some will not but His desire is JOHN 3:16, until the end of time, which God will also decide.  If we as christains will ask Father to reveal to us this love that is so deep and so wide that it encompasses not only us but the lost world, we will forever be changed.  I pray as He is molding me and teaching me, you also will allow God to increase your vision of His kingdom purposes because it will exalt Jesus and Glorify our God.    ( I wonder how many sermons there are in John 3:16 or maybe I should say how much revelation is there) 

   Our first hunt in January was a with Denny Joyner and his son Paul.  This is one of the hunts that board member Jim and Jeanne Allera had the fundraiser in Pennsylvania for this past summer.  Jim came down to the Triple Cross as the host for this hunt.  We missed Jack Dykes as he was also to co-host the hunt, but a knee replacement surgery a week before the hunt kept Jack in Pa.  Pray for a 100% recovery for Jack as he is making progress daily.  Denny is a triple amputee from the vietnam war that returned home and continued to serve his country as commander-in-chief of the DAV and was named the Disabled Veteran of the Year by President Ronald Reagan.  We were blessed to be able to honor Denny for his service to our country, as many of you remember, the vietnam vets were not honored as our vets are today.  As normal God showed up and created a weekend full of memories from big Texas bucks to relationships that will never fade. How God can allow a used car salesman from PA. and a hunting guide from TX. to be a part of kingdom stuff is still amazing to me, (shows me God knows how to think outside the box).  Camp life was a blast as usual, lots of poking fun at each other, football games, lots of mama Finley’s and Jim’s cookin, Jacob, my 14 yr.old son, getting lessons from Denny on how to steer a wheelchair and some rather intense times as Denny would share his stories of his 32 day experience in vietnam, before and after the land mine explosion.  I hunted with Denny as we harvested a great 14 point buck and Jacob guided Paul and they harvested a huge deer that has eluded hunters at the Triple Cross for a couple of years now, known as GOLFBALL.  He aquired that name a couple of years ago when he grew a ball about the size of a golfball on the end of one of his horns. The bucks we harvested within seconds of each other and we were hunting several hundred yards apart.  Denny’s shot made Paul’s deer nervous and Paul didn’t mess around downing his deer within 30 or 45 seconds after Denny’s shot.  What a blessing and a memory for them both and all of us as well.  Jim recieved a call from Denny  a few days after he had returned home. Denny was excited to tell Jim that he had prayed for an answer to a family issue while at the Triple Cross and the prayer was answered and resolved now.  I think when Jesus said the Holy Spirit would come and be a counselor and a comforter He was serious………HALLELUJAH 

   The next hunt was with Tony Hazel who works with Scott Bradshaw. Scott and wife Kim are true friends and supporters of ATO. Tony is only 49 yr. old but he was diagnosed a few years ago with parkinson’s.  The disease is fairly advanced for a man of Tony’s age but as so many of the people God allows us to meet, Tony has a great attitude about life and has not let this disability hold him back or slow him down.  Tony did not harvest a deer but saw more bucks in three days than he has the past several seasons combined.  He was so appreciative of our time together and mentioned that the experience and the new friendships were awesome.  I feel God wants to grow our relationship so I will be getting Tony back out for some hunting or maybe just to help paint a deer blind or something.  Pray for Tony as he has a good heart but has never been around a christian environment like he was for three days with Scott and I.  He was very thankful to me as I prayed for his parkinson’s during our prayer before breakfast.  I got the feeling that no one has ever prayed with him about that before.  A little water, pull a few weeds, fertilize and water some more and I see a kingdom harvest, pray and believe with me.

   Here are a few updates;  Kevin Nowlin donated the material and we built a trailer that I have already built a blind on, so we now have a mobile handicap blind that we needed.  Jim Clark, a man I met years ago guiding turkey hunts, God has reconnected us thru Eric Owings and he has a couple of ranches  that are willing for us to bring someone turkey hunting.  Also ATO supporter, Jack Dykes from PA. has offered to donate a couple of guns to us.   

   Here are several prayer requests;   Pray for a couple hunters to finish off this deer season.  The dates for the hunt with Ted Nugent never worked out so pray that be resolved and be good for everyone.  Begin praying for spring turkey season, that we hear and see God’s agenda for it.  Still looking for a place for some hog hunts and exotic hunts.   Thru ATO supporter Con Matz from PA., Jim and I have been in contact with another ministy in Kerrville TX., The Way Outfitters, Roger Davenport, that is really similar to what we are doing, we are just trying to see what God has there. Maybe something together,  maybe we can learn from each other or maybe just prayer partners for each other, we really don’t know but want to allow God to open or close doors.  We are starting to plan for 2010 fundraising events, we must see and hear Gods agenda’s for which ones, where, when and how they look.  Our banquet will need lots of great raffle prizes so if you can, talk it up for donations or raffle items. This will be a family atmosphere so all items are welcome, they don’t have to be all hunting or fishing related.   We must continue to pray for the finances of ATO and be diligent to share our vision with others in order to give them an opportunity to join us.  If we seek God’s heart first these will all fall into place.   Please thank God for Richard and Myra Harbin, owners of the Triple Cross Ranch.  They have been so obedient to follow God with us, just ask God to continue to bless all their efforts and I assure you God’s agenda is first place in their hearts. 

    Personal prayers are as always that I see only God’s agenda and hear the Father’s voice clearly.  Pray for Jenna and Mark, my daughter and son-in-law as she is due in April with our first grandbaby, which is right in the middle of spring turkey season, I know God’s not freakin out about that either.   My other children are Jessica, age 22, Jordan age 19 and my son Jacob is 15 Feb. 4th. My wife is Angela,  I thank you for praying for us.   Pray for my heel and arch, its something like a fallen arch.  I have been to the doctor and I am taking an anti-inflammatory and stretching and icing it daily.   We are so thankful for everyone and ask Gods blessings and revelation to you all. 

   One last thing;   Our God cannot be anything but faithful.  In the begining, God spoke very clearly the vision for ATO.  The thing that He emphasized was to “create an environment and I will move among my people”.  Can I testify to you today that God has moved among His people thru ATO.  If we will remain humble and give Him our best, first place in our lives, He will continue to remain faithful to the vision for ATO that originated in His heart, then ours.  Please never waiver in giving thanks to Him who is worthy.

As always it is truely my pleasure to serve Him with you,

If you meet me and forget me, nothing is lost,

If you meet Jesus and forget Him, everything is lost.


January Praise and Prayer Report

Hello and blessings to all

    Every year at this time we always say, can you believe it, this year has flown by.  In the case of 2009 I think that is a good thing.  I think everyone was affected in some way or another by the happenings of 2009.  Lets remind ourselves that if we have said yes to Jesus, we are in this world but we are not of this world.  We all have much to be thankful for regardless of the trials or tribulations of the past year and ATO is blown away by the goodness of God and you His children for your commitment spiritually, physically and financially during our first year.
   We have all experienced another Christmas and are entering the new year of 2010.  There is so much to reflect on every year at this time.  God once again this Christmas season has reminded me of Mary and her experience when the angel came to her and said you have found favor with God. You will be with child and give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus.  After a brief explanation from the angel, Mary’s response was; ” I am the Lords servant, may it be to me as you have said”.  (Luke 1;26-38)  Another pure picture of obedience I am reminded of was Jesus saying “My Father if it be possible, may this cup be taken from me. Yet not as I will, as you will”. (Mathew 26;39)  WOW……could it be possible for us to put our thoughts, emotions, pride, reputations, pier pressure or any other strongholds that the world has entangled us with aside to be obedient to a calling that will surpass anything our minds could ever conceive. Mary and Jesus (showing he was all man), unselfishly reveals to us all, a lifestyle of obedience that our Father desires for us to embrace.  My prayer is we all seek that type of obedience for Him in 2010! 
   Father also reminds me of Paul in Philippians 3;12-14, says, “forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus”.  This could be our first step in that obedience we just talked about.  Many of us will have to forget about the setbacks and hardships of 2009 and remind ourselves about the Father’s agenda for kingdom purposes in 2010.  Lets learn from the past but don’t allow the devil to keep you there, remember the Israelites wanted to go back to Egypt, lets learn from their mistake and keep our eye’s on the promise land!!!!!!!!
   My final thought is the substance we all must believe and hold on to no matter what our circumstances look like, how we feel, what people tell us (worldly people and yes even some fellow believer’s), and all the other traps and snares of the devil.  It is the essence of God’s plan for humanity from Genesis to Revelation and a common word this time of year, in song and in scripture readings,   Immanuel……..God with us………what else could we possibly ask for in 2010.  In 2010 and on, it will never be about is God with us it will be about are we, or to put it more personal, are you with Him.  Saints I really believe the best is yet to come, so lets stay committed and hold on for a ride thats better than anything you’ve experienced at Six Flags or Disneyland.
   Our first December hunt was Sarah Bonastia.  She and husband Rico traveled from Missouri to hunt with ATO.  Our connection to Sarah was my friend Andy Bishop.  Andy is the man from Louisiana that sent us the adaptive equipment we so desperately needed and has already been put to good use.  Board member Jimmy Downe and his wife Wende, along with my bride Angela, all experienced God’s true vision for ATO.  Sarah harvested a great deer but even bigger started relationships that will never fade or be erased from her mind or heart nor all of ours.  Jimmy said he was so glad they came, they really caught a deeper vision for what God has for ATO. Sarah has stage 4 lung cancer, which a PET/Scan soon after returning home revealed good news.  The cancer is in remission and they have decided on a maintenance treatment schedule for her that will start Jan. 14th for 3 days and continue 3 days every month for the next year.  When Sarah left, with tears streaming down her cheeks, she hugged me and said I really don’t want to leave. God is really doing something in this relationship, she emails all the time.  Please pray for Sarah’s health, physically and spiritually.
   Our second hunt was Peter DeJong, a local boy who has Cerebral Palsy.  His dad David and good friend Tinker Lemke, who is how we met Peter, were also along for the hunt.  Tinker a good friend of Richard Harbin’s, owner of the Triple Cross, also has been a guide on the ranch for several years.  David owns a local dairy farm and Tinker works for a company that supplies equipment to the DeJong’s farm.  God once again blessed ATO with new relationships and a succesful hunt for Peter, which was his first deer ever.  Check out our website for Peter and everyone’s pictures under Photo Gallery. 
   The third hunt of December was a hunt for Chase Hennings from Dallas Texas.  Chase’s dad Chad and friend ATO board member Dudley Hall were at the Triple Cross for the hunt.  Chase has never shot a deer but he was a great hunter.  I was impressed how quiet and patient he was.  Chase saw the fallow deer and black buck antelope which are the only exotics on the ranch while he also got to see two small bucks sparing, a non-aggressive fight.  Unfortunately we never saw a mature buck for Chase to take a crack at.  I think thats why its called hunting but as a hunting guide I’m not to fond of these humbling experiences.  They are going to see if they can return this year, if not they will be first priority next year.  Please pray it will work out for Chase this year, he is really a great young man.    
   We need to pray for the scheduling of the January hunts.  The bad weather in late December lead to the two boys who’s dads were war casualties in Iraq, to cancel the 28th and 29th.  Also trying to pin down a date for the two friends that returned home from Iraq as amputees.  Daniel lost one leg below the knee and Brett lost both legs above the knee.  We have Dennis Joyner, a triple amputee from the vietnam war and his son Paul coming Jan. 14-16.  Board member Jim Allera will be along for this hunt.  Pray the schedules work out to Gods plans and that each hunt be all it is meant to be.
   We are trying to plan several fund raisers for 2010.  The largest will most likely be our game dinner that Eric Owings has a vision for.  We also have talked about a golf tournament, team roping event or maybe an archery shoot.  We need everyone to get involved wherever you think you can help or let us know about ideas you may have if your willing to put action behind them.  We need to hear the Lord as to what, when and where we need to do.  Anything we set out to do must be done with excellence as if we were doing it for Jesus Himself. 
   We need to start praying for places to hog hunt, exotic hunt and turkey hunt.  I believe God can lead us to them so we don’t waste a bunch of time running all over Texas looking.  We also need doors to open to show us the kids and adults He wants us to bless.  We need to pray for sponsors to join us with product and finances.  This is all new to me so I need direction and wisdom to see and connect with whoever God has for ATO.  We also need to ask God to allow us to meet the individuals that He wants to invest in the lives of those He chooses to bless thru ATO.  Please pray diligently and faithfully so we can hear the Fathers voice.  Remember always keep your relationship with Him firstplace in your life, that is the only way we can glorify God and lift up the name of Jesus which should always be our first priority and out of that ATO will be all He wants it to be!!!!
God is never to busy for us, it is us that get to busy for Him; IMMANUEL…God with us…
Thanks once again for your faithfulness to serve our Jesus, its a joy to serve Him with you.
It’s all because of Him,

December Praise and Prayer Report

Blessings to everyone;

Well its hard to believe we are about 30 days from 2010. What a blessed year with much to be thankful for. We at ATO ( don’t ever forget that includes you) have once again witnessed God use His great outdoors to bless and love on His children. Once again I would like to share my heart before we unfold the blessings of the November hunts.

While sitting in a huge cottonwood tree in southern Kansas, a bowhunting trip I have been taking for 6 or 7 years now, I thanked God for seasons that come and go. Most of the trees had shed their pretty fall foliage, the grass dormant, the color of wildflowers gone and not to return for months. To the eye it looks as though not much could be happening in this lifeless setting, but below the surface the roots are shouting and singing because this is their season. CHANGE…… we sometimes can’t see it, we don’t always understand it, it comes at times we are not ready for it and most of the time we try to resist it. Just as the seasons change so will many things we encounter in this journey that God has placed before us. So many things change; people, generations, cultures, economies, laws, jobs, clothes, our circumstances, our priorities, our age, the list is endless. Change is everywhere, it is all around us, it doesn’t care if you are ready for it and I assure you, we can’t hide from it. Now for the good news; GOD WILL NEVER CHANGE………HE is the same today as He was in the beginning. GOD has not, will not and cannot change. His truth will always be truth, He will always remain faithful, His character will never change, His mercy and grace will always abound, His love for the world will never weaken and the greatest is His agenda will always be about a relationship with you and me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Excuse me, I think I have to get up and dance or shout. How awesome is that. Now my prayer for us is that we; BELIEVE IT, TRUST IT and WALK IN IT !!! We may not know what tomorrow holds, but we know who holds tomorrow. ( I want to encourage you, if anything in your relationship with God has changed, it wasn’t Him ).

We were blessed with three great hunts in November. All three hunts went great in every aspect. God loved on our hunters as well as many family members that were included and also provided great deer for each of our hunters. God truly is good ALL THE TIME.

Our first hunter was Brad Cusenbary, a native from Graham Texas, who now lives near Steamboat Springs Colorado with wife Laura. Our connection to Brad was Jay Presti, a neighbor, guide and close friend of Richard and Myra Harbin owners of The Triple Cross Ranch. Jay dates Brads sister Lee Ann. Brads dad, his brother, sister-in-law, nieces and nephew were all present at some point during this hunt. They don’t see Brad as often as they want so this hunt was great family time for them all. Brad was diagnosed with brain cancer about a year ago. The cancer was not a mass but rather entertwined in the brain making it inoperable. The biopsy they tried was not successful in determining the type of cancer they are dealing with. They have tried treatments with little or no success and the cancer is growing and causing seizures. He has suffered nerve damage in his right arm which has created a new challenge of learning to shoot left handed. They are talking with doctors now on their options and when to start them. From what I understand they need a good biopsy so they know what direction to go with treatments, PLEASE PRAY!!!!! Brad is so positive and full of life that I was constantly reminded of my hero Kyle Ogle. It is truly life changing to encounter this positive, fearless and selfless mindset of people like Brad and Kyle. Brad harvested a great deer, enjoyed time with family and ATO was blessed to be a part of these memories.

The second blessing of the month was Daryl Bayer, he is 50 yrs. old and lives in FT. Worth Texas, who I met through Brian Walker. Brian is the dad of Brandon, our first hunter this year. Daryl was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer about two years ago and after treatment the cancer was gone. With the cancer in remission Daryl was going in every three months for check-ups when they discovered spots on his lungs. Daryl now has stage four lung cancer and he is taking treatments again, Without a true miracle from the Lord, Daryls time looks very limited. Daryls attitude was awesome and he was sincere when he said that he loved God more and more everyday. Daryl shared with me that the largest deer he had ever harvested was a basket racked 6 point twenty-five years ago. Well Daryl can’t say that anymore, the Lord blessed him with a 14 point buck, one of the largest this year. Pray for Daryl as he is truly touching many lives as he walks out his journey trusting God and with undeniable joy. I really believe he is making God smile as he displays a true sonship lifestyle regardless of his circumstances…….WOW !!!!!!!!

Our third hunt was a local young man from my hometown of Weatherford Texas named Douglas Barksdale who is 19 years old and has Downs Syndrome. His parents Bruce and Sheila and brother Michael were along for the hunt. My friend Eric Owings introduced me to Douglas and it was evident this one would be intense. Douglas’ high energy level along with a personality that will capture your heart was a 48 hour adrenaline rush. Me and Douglas poked fun at each other all weekend like two brothers and believe me he can dish it out. Douglas was very patient with me as I struggled to understand his speech, with Sheila always nearby to help me. I don’t know that I ever have or ever will hear a more beautiful prayer than the one I heard from Douglas. We had prayed before our meal as we do, then about half way through the meal I heard Douglas saying something. I turned to look at Douglas, as that usually helped me understand him, he had hands clasped together, head bowed and eyes closed thanking God for many things, only a few that I could understand. I heard I love my mama, my daddy, my new friend Bo,(as he reached over and patted my arm), thank you God for my buck and my doe, thank you for this food, I love you God and much more that I didn’t understand………but God did. What a lesson for us all, it wasn’t done before the meal as tradition has taught us but from a humble heart, a meek spirit with a kindness that I believe put a big grin on Gods face. Think this is about deer hunting…….God constantly reminds me its bigger !!!!!!!!! Douglas shot a great 11 point buck and a doe with emotions and joy that pegged the meter. Pray for the Barksdale family, Douglas has severe back issues that at some point will require surgery, his dad Bruce has emphysema and pray for Sheilah as we know moms are the glue that holds things together in times like these.

We know God is our rock, but can we just say…..God you rock !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Take time to thank and praise God for the opportunities he has blessed us with. I am continually in awe that the One that spoke and things were created, the One that formed us from dust and His breathe gave life, the One who sacrificed his precious only son………WHY……. so we would have the opportunity to embrace a relationship that is surrounded by Grace, saturated in mercy and covered with real and authentic LOVE. I just don’t get it, so I will not try and understand it, but I will choose to receive it. AMEN

Pray for December hunts, which include Sarah a 29 yr. old lady from Missouri with stage 4 lung cancer. A boy from Stephenville Texas that has cerebral palsy and a couple of boys that their dads were war casualties in Iraq.

We received some awsome equipment from Andy Bishop, a friend of Brigid O’Donoghue and a true Godsend for us. Andy sent us a gun rest device that attaches to a wheelchair and a device that projects what you see in a scope on a small screen that mounts to the top of the scope. These are essential for the hunters with severe disabilities. I have never met Andy but I will assure you he is sold out to Gods agenda.

The Polaris Ranger loaned to us by Glenn McCarty has been so cool. It has made getting around so easy, and everyone, especially the kids think its awesome (and I am one of those kids).

The deer calls, caps and dvd’s from Chris Kirby at Quakerboy Game Calls have been a real blessing to everyone.

The corn donated by Monty Brantley at Merritt Feed has been such a blessing.

So many have invested financially into ATO, I pray the smiles of our hunters warm their hearts and they know that God is doing even more than what we see.

Thank God for the giving hearts of these people and ask His blessings on their households.

God keeps doing this, everytime I am writing this email another hunter is revealed. I just checked a new email, it was from Chad Hennings, a friend of Dudley Halls and an ex Dallas Cowboy. Dudley has mentioned Chad’s son Chase to me before but due to the nature of his illness Chad didn’t know if it was possible. Pray that God give Chad and Chase this blessing to remember. God your awesome !!!!!!!!!

Please continue to pray as I know you have, its evident. God knows our needs we have for stuff, guns, trailers for stands, heaters, ear muffs, etc. and He is aware of our financial needs as well. So mention these as you talk with Him but emphasize that we want to know what He needs from us. How can we be more like Jesus, how can we serve better and love more. We can only glorify his kingdom if we hear these things and then abide in His strength to walk them out on earth.

I really believe we can experience Thanksgiving and Christmas everyday, its our choice.
Thanks so much for serving from your heart. Lets keep making JESUS famous !!!!!!!

Again, Its my pleasure to serve Him with you


November Praise and Prayer Report

Hello friends of All Things Outdoors,

I would like to share with you some of the awesome things that have been going on with ATO, but lets start with the best news first;



I don’t know how you feel today or even what your circumstances are. I do know if we will believe and stand firm in the above foundational truths we can change our personal enviroment and those that encounter our enviroment will be affected as well. We must choose this daily, sometimes hourly, so His original plan will prevail: We were made by Him and for Him, to walk with Him in a relational way so that all that we do points to HIM !!!!! Lets never make this about us or ATO, rather lets costantly remind ourselves that without relationship there is no ministry of any kind including church, sunday school, homegroup, bible study, etc. I just want to encourage you to keep your main priority, your relationship with HIM. We don’t like old hard bread or stale chips, we like it fresh and we make sure that we have it that way. Make sure you keep your relationship with GOD fresh, it will take some effort in our fast paced lives. God’s kingdom plans will move forward regardless of how we feel today or what our circumstances are or seem to be, lets not allow the evil one to steal, kill or destroy because HE WHO CREATES FROM THE DUST OF THE EARTH REIGNS SUPREME !!!!!!!

Well, October hunts have been eventful and exciting. Our first hunt with our Vietnam Veteran Gary Held and his son Josh ended with no deer taken with archery equipment. I’m not going to throw them under the bus, so I won’t tell you who missed or how many times they missed but I will tell you that God had a plan. We had a great weekend but the frustration and disappointment of the misses had changed the mood of the weekend. I just asked the Lord, God I know this weekend was not about frustation and disappointment, so what would You like me to do or say? He said I want you to ask them back for a second chance. Wow, I would have never thought of a hunt being so unsuccesful just so God could say I love you so much I want to give you another chance. I’m sure we can all remember the times God has picked us up and said now, go try it again. So I will have to fill you in later on (as Paul Harvey says) THE REST OF THE STORY!!!

Our second hunt was with Brandon Walker, a 15 year old young man that on September 1st, 2008 was diagnosed with a brain tumor. After removing the tumor and a year of chemo, Brandon at this time is cancer FREE !!!!!!!! Praise God !!!!! Please pray for Brandon and family as God leads. The last years events didn’t change Brandons ability to place a perfect shot on a beautiful 11 point buck scoring 153″. Brandons dad, Brian, stepbrother, Colton and ranch owner Richard Harbin were there when we recovered the deer, that was a special moment for all of us. God showed up in a big way, the seeds planted will bear fruit now and I’m sure in future seasons in Brandons life. Thank you Lord for including us in Your Kingdom stuff ………………

Brodie Sharp was our blessing on our third hunt. His dad Lynn and good friend Eric Owings were also there to enjoy Gods Great Outdoors. Brodie’s cerebral palsy nor his wheelchair keep him from engaging life with a huge heart and gentle spirit. Brodie was so excited I had a hard time keeping him quiet in the blind so the joke for the weekend was I threatened to put a sock in Brodie’s mouth if he didn’t quit talking and if he didn’t listen to me it was going to be a dirty one……..I think I will send him a dirty sock for Christmas. Brodies deer story is another one of second chances. Our first crack at the buck was at 50 yards, a clean miss. Brodie says it wasn’t buck fever, it just a warning shot. An hour later the buck follows a doe to within 30 yards of our blind and this deer will soon be a fixture on Brodie’s bedroom wall. I think God may be saying something to us about second chances……….coincidence or God, I will always choose the latter. The weekend was full of blessings and true to our call, Giving Our Best because GOD GAVE HIS BEST FOR US. Brodie’s buck had 9 points and scored 148 6/8 inches.

Thank you all for your faithfullness first to Christ and your mighty and powerful prayers for ATO.

God our desire is that your kingdom be advanced and Jesus be made famous in our personal lives and through ATO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keep praying for the right hunters; God has revealed a 29 year old woman with cancer through Andy Bishop a man I met through Brigid O’donghue, he was going to take her to shoot a doe somewhere. Now she is coming to Texas to shoot a trophy buck. We are working on a date.

Another is a 37 year old man from Colorado that has inoperable brain cancer. Brad Cusenbary will join us this month and the hunt will be filmed by Jay Presti, host of Blue Collar Adventures. Brad is the brother of Jay’s girlfriend Lee Ann. Please pray for Brad and wife Laura, also that he feel good so he can really enjoy his hunt.

I have been asking God to reveal someone local from the Stephenville area, which is the town nearest the ranch. As I am writing this email, Tinker, the head guide for The Triple Cross Ranch for the previous 8 or so years, calls and tells me of Peter Dejong a 13 year old local boy with cerebral palsy that he would love to bring out. Tinker tells me stories of taking Peter’s two older brothers on various hunts but until now Peter has not got his hunt. Tears fill my eyes as I am in awe of Gods goodness and faithfulness to us.

Douglas Barksdale a 19 year old young man from Weatherford will hunt the last weekend of November. He is mentally challenged, with his speech being his biggest disability but believe me when I tell you he is full of joy and will crack you up with his personality. Douglas’ dad has emphysema and his outlook is not good. What all does God have here?

Looks like we are going to take Brett Wolfe a veteran of the Iraq war who lost both legs above the knees. In talking with Kelly, Brett’s wife, I found out that Brett’s best friend, Daniel Alderman also returned home with one amputated leg. How cool is it going to be for two best friends to enjoy all God has for them on a hunt with ATO. YEEHAW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish God would loan me Kyle Ogle for this hunt, we would be short a few arms and legs but Kyles spirit would set the stage. Pray that God would allow that same spirit that Kyle exemplified be present that weekend.

Another man named Daryl Bayer will be hunting with us soon. Daryl was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer a while back. He is one of the few to beat this type of cancer. On a check up visit several months later they found cancer in his lungs that is inoperable. The doctors say he has six months so pray for Daryl and family.

We also have been given an exotic doe hunt by Scott and Kim Bradshaw. Scott is involved in many ways with ATO and is part of our leadership in Legacy Outfitters, a Christain mens organization that I lead our local chapter. You may say, an exotic doe hunt, whats the big deal. Well the deal is, it is at Ted Nugent’s ranch in Texas and the hunt will be filmed with Ted and will air on his tv show The Spirit of the Wild!!!!!!! What is God up to now?????? Scott bought this hunt at a Legacy Game Dinner and He and Kim donated the hunt to ATO even though they have two sons of thier own. It goes without saying, they support what God is doing thru ATO.

Keep praying saints for these hunters, personally and their families and that Gods desires be accomplished during the hunts and after.

I am also learning about some adaptive equipment for the handicapped hunters we are going to need. Gun rests, special scopes, trigger mechanisms, etc.

We need 2 trailers with ramps to build handicapped blinds on. We can then move these blinds around the ranch where we need them and use the ramp to push the wheelchairs up in the blind.

Pray that the scheduling of these hunts all go according to Gods agenda. With treatments, travel and other obstacles this can seem difficult.

Pray for Lonnie and Bryant Dyer who are a big part of the story God has included in my journey. The only hunt I will guide this year, outside of ATO, will be Lonnie and Bryant Nov. 20 – 23 on a ranch in Throckmorton TX. which I believe will be a part of ATO in the future. God will work all of that out thank goodness. Lonnie has had some heart issues lately so pray for him.

We are discussing fundraisers for 2010, pray God give us clear vision on how these look, who needs to be involved, locations for events etc. we just need a vision from him. Eric Owings saw a game dinner with families, lots of families, laughing and having a great time……….sounds like God stuff to me. PLEASE PRAY !!!!!

I will also will be getting ordained in the near future by New River Fellowship, the church we are attending now. I do believe this is what God wants, its not about me. New River also supports us and is excited about what God has in store for ATO.

ATO was given a word several months ago by a friend of Jim and Jeanne Allera’s, John Prittikan; WHERE GOD POINTS HE WILL PROVIDE !!!!!!!!!

Recently Eric Owings ask me what our priorities were; trailers, blinds, guns, etc or finances? So all I new to do was ask God this question. What I heard was this; Bo you focus on trailers, blinds, adaptive equipment for the handicapped, deer feeders, scout your stands so you are prepared when hunters come, a clean lodge, good food, love on them, serve them well and I (GOD) will supply all your needs.

This is what I’m hearing: Be very diligent and steadfast in all that He ask us to do. That is everything from fundraisers to sweeping the floor at the cabin, if we will stay humble and serve others with everything HE has put in us, WE CAN TRUST HIM TO PROVIDE ALL ATO’s NEEDS !!!!!!